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Cawston Press were one of my first clients. We just scoped out a few challenges and opportunities and looked at them one at a time. When you don’t know someone often starting small and building up to a more knotty challenge is the way to understanding each other, the brand, the company and the what makes everyone tick.


There were several areas I knew me and my team could add value and use our creative thinking to work with the team to work through smaller specific challenges and more holistic arching bigger wins. We started with a foundation sprint and prepped, planned and designed an online session to evaluate where we were. Without knowing where you are its impossible to define where you need to go. From this we worked with the Cawston team and scoped out the challenges we wanted to tackle first, created briefs and short sprints to look at them one by one. With a timeline and a clear view of what was going to have the most effect on the business first, after all with an established brand business as usual, time pressures and resource are key factors in anything that isn’t a day to day activity.

A critical challenge was to reevaluate the brand and develop a clearer picture of the brand proposition and define the target audiences this would help with all aspects of the brand from NPD development, messaging, communications, internal alignment and create a clear picture for the road ahead. Using creative tools, in person workshops, we were able to elicit more emotive responses and gain more insight into the people and the Cawston brand. This was a key driver to unlock the emotional connections of the brand beyond product and take the brand back to where it started in terms of a challenger mindset. 

Once we co created with the team a brand proposition, this informed key decisions internally and externally and led to briefs some of which we helped with and some that could be solved by their own people. 

Business strategy is often seen as a smoke and mirrors, often business start out with a clear direction but it gets muddied along the way. This piece of strategic workshops and collaboration we were part of helped to shape and give clarity to the direction of Cawston. Often with strategy there are no pretty pictures! Its in the internal thinking and empowerment of the people within Cawston and their partners to bring it to life externally.

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Creating a clear vision for the future

“I have worked with the team in a large packaging development project and they were absolutely amazing to work with. Always proactive, and the expert advice and design background helped us get to a place where we all couldn’t be happier with the final designs. Suggesting weekly calls to track progress which really helped to build a great working relationship. They do really feel like part of the extended Cawston team, sharing our passion for the brand and genuinely cares, we now regularly seek out thoughts and advice now on projects. Helen and Shelly has also helped us mapping out the brand portfolio and carried out a large piece of work to outline the brands past and map out where we are going, with an interactive in person session with our team. This really helped to define our brand journey in an interesting and engaging way. Helen’s expertise and guidance has been invaluable in shaping the brand personality. Always bubbly and a smile on her face, Helen and her collaborators are a delight to work with!”  

Kate Mansfield, Cawston Press