We are a collective of creative thinkers

who solve challenges. We use the super power of creativity to inspire teams and empower you people along their journeys, sharing knowledge, methods and teaching new skills. Building from the inside out and learning from each other along the way. Using creativity we help to build meaningful, sustainable businesses through brands, products and services, to create a healthier, happier lives.

I set up Helen Hartley Consulting, (clue’s in the name) as a fresh, more empowering way for creative thinkers to come together as a squad, more agile, cost effective to help clients in a more personal and human way. We are multi-disciplinary experts and are based anywhere and everywhere, we can work virtually or in person or hybrid to fit your needs.

I’m a creative director (one of only 12% in the UK that are female!) of who’s been working with the world’s leading brands and in some very reputable agencies for more than 20 years. Working with amazing people along the way, but my focus on sustainability, regeneration of places, people and businesses, needed me to build my own business, from the ground up. Now I can truly empathise with business owners and CEO’s whilst having a very specific focus on the 4 pillars of creating sustainable brands, businesses and organisations. I enjoy building relationships with people, that will stand for something and create more long lasting impact in society.

Today, I work with people who can be founders, educators, social enterprises, not-for-profits, change-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs to find creative solutions to their challenges, it could result in a rebrand, a refresh of internal comms, recruitment, hr policies, a new NPD product pipeline and proposition, or creating a community experience and a better user experience! Creative thinking can be a powerful tool and lots of organisations can benefit from lateral thinking and empowering your team to do the same.

The How
I get results by getting to know your business, your brand, your people and culture. I get in early and I go deep, bringing decades of experience in creative problem-solving to bear on the specifics of your challenge. I can lead you on a creative journey and bring in my partners (I can’t do it all I am not superwoman), or I can be the naive expert in the room, who brings a fresh set of eyes to a challenge, either way you will achieve your goals and have a trusted extension to your own team in your corner for the long haul, not just a one stop project.

Creativity is connectivity Discovering or building relationships between ideas, insights and people that no-one else realises are there. It’s hard, deep, empathetic work that requires open conversations and safe spaces to have them in.

My consultancy is built on creating those spaces, giving myself and my partners and clients, the freedom to imagine and hypothesise without risk or judgement. I have methods built on top of those core principles – a fluid, modular process that makes room for audience insight, expert consultation, iteration, development and testing. But everything comes back to open conversation and the freedom to imagine new ways of doing things.

And when we’re done, you and your team will have the tools you need to apply that process to your next challenge.


B Corps are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. HH Consults is working on becoming certified and we hope to get there in 2024.

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We have a virtual forest and every project commissioned by you means a portion of the our profits goes towards supporting climate projects across the globe.

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Helen Hartley Consulting supports the Better Business Act, which aims to ensure that all companies are legally responsible for benefiting workers, customers, communities and the environment while delivering profit.


Helen Hartley Consulting is a member of the DBA, which champions the transformative power of design, promoting its strategic and economic value to business and government.

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