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Every time I have that first call with a potential new client I feel a buzz of excitement. No two projects are the same, and building trust and relationships is rewarding and always enlightening. Here are the stories of a series of projects I have helped develop over the past two years. The journey should be as rewarding as the result, and working with people to create innovative ideas and impactful outcomes that are sustainable for your business, your people and the planet is the ultimate goal.

Shaping the vision of a non profit

Defining the Kirkstall Valley Community Trust vision and bring it to life internally.


Just live a little


JLAL is shaking up breakfast and snacking by creating gloriously gluten-free deliciousness that really put a spring in your step. With a philosophy to make a tastier, healthier breakfast, families to enjoy, one batch at a time. The nutritious goodness of baked, golden oats crashed together with rich and juicy flavours of nature make for a taste experience that surpasses expectations and gives you nothing but good vibes for the day ahead. Just live a little brings you full-on taste you can trust.


Jnck Bakery

Redefining the bakery category

Dejunking the fresh bakery category, helping people eat healthy treats, that taste delicious and look after themselves and the planet. Win win.


Creative thinking workshops

Bringing teams together internally and externally to empower, encourage and inspire creative thoughts and solutions. We developing creative workshops to define a

Unlocking human potential


Creating a brand positioning for Unika that has brand stretch to be an ecosystem with an holistic approach to wellness that is inspirational, uncompromising and accessible. Empowering and championing people everyday to help them enrich their lives and the lives of others around them.


Creating a sustainable brand


Bringing my brand to life to demonstrate how everyone can have an impact on their digital footprint with sustainable design and development decisions. hh-consults-header

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