Kirkstall Valley Community Trust

Shaping the vision of a non profit

THE CHALLENGE The challenge was to create the strong foundations for Kirkstall ValleyDevelopment Trust – a meaningful community hub that is accessible, inclusive and rewarding enough to change lives, creating a genuine ambassador butterfly effect – communities growing together.



It was of paramount importance to consult, interview and ensure the community, volunteers and board members  – all stakeholders, participated in crystalising the vision. We conducted the project both online and offline and used physical and digital creative thinking methods, exercises and sprints to ensure everyone could be present, it was vital to be democratic and inclusive. We designed creative workshops to unlock more strategic challenges in a fun and more manageable bit sized pieces. No jargon. 

We needed to address 4 aspects in order to develop a future proof approach for Kirkstall Valley Development Trust.

COHERENCE – Bringing the brand together to create ‘one voice’. There was a need to create a collective understanding creating brand pillars that resonate with all stakeholders – internally and externally, Solid foundations on which to build. 

STRATEGY FOR GROWTH  – Resonate and truly engage with the target audience. Listening and learning from the current audience to create a relevance moving forward. This took place with a series of creative thinking workshops with both KVDT staff, volunteers and children. We created a summary of this work with clear workstreams and actions that could be implemented and everyone could see their ideas from the session in the plan and summary given back to the CEO to own and empower her team and key stakeholders to start to implement. It was a truly co-created plan of action with guidance and strategic direction from us to achieve key objectives. .

GIVING BACK – We needed to create the motivation for everyone to want to take part and take ownership of key challenges to ensure this was empowering for all stakeholders and a self fulfilling prophecy.

LEGACY – The end goal was create longevity by providing clear direction, articulation both visual and verbal  and activation. We created a KVDT brand pillars document which explained and unified KVDT to be used internally to steer the vision.

Deliverables – We delivered the strategic building blocks through collective creative thinking and community workshops with KVDT. We created a set of strategic set of brand tools, an initial asset toolkit and a summary of the interviews, process and work we completed together. We also through the creative participation and way of developing this project brought stakeholders together to take the trust forward and put the future with a clear plan in their hands.


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Defining the proposition

Creating internal stakeholder alignment and principals

Realising our vision

What a breath of fresh air working it has been working with Helen. We had no idea what to expect but the sessions she did with us enabled us to get an objective view of our organisation. She has been passionate about helping us to move forward and realise our vision. She is  friendly, professional and courteous and well-liked by staff and volunteers alike. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other non-profit organisations. A professional who really cares!

Adele Rae, CEO of Kirkstall Valley Development Trust