Dejunking the Bakery category!!

Redefining the bakery category


People want to lead healthier lived, but it’s hard to stay positive when even treating yourself comes with baggage. Too many brands promise health and delivery sugary, salt and saturated fats in this guise. Two brothers who wanted to help people with the health crisis in the UK were the Brassill brothers. They came to me to bring their vision of a truly healthy treat brand and way of living to life and what better place to make an impact than the bakery category. A dusty, sugary, saturated in fats and palm oil galore!

To help break this negative feeling around indulgent food. To invent fresh indulgent treats that are both healthy and sustainable. We are innovative and strive for perfection. We have started with a classic bakery product but have a NPD pipeline to improve the bakery category as a whole. Then it’s onto a new mission… We needed to create disruption in the bakery category.

An name and brand with visual impact. “Live Junk-Free” – what do we mean? Humans deserve all the freshly baked things (without the guilt trip). So we have made the best tasting, healthiest treats with zero waste in mind. We’re talking totally junk-free ingredients and packaging. It was hugely important to ensure even as a start up with no sales and therefore no large marketing budget, to ensure we started as we mean to go.

In any project it is important to decide the goal and what success will look like. The metrics and measures we will use are based around the values that are at the heart of the brand we created. Reinvention and consuming mindfully. Had we created a bakery brand that will start to redefine the perception of bakery and indulgence from a guilty pleasure (all the inherent sub conscious bias around treats) and into a pleasurable experience that can simply be enjoyed in a more positive healthier lifestyle for everyone.

So far the results and impact we are having in changing the industry and as we know consumer demand drives this are very positive. From a start up since the brand was created and pitched to the wider world, Jnck have secured several trials with universities, healthy retailers, go puff retail app and an six figure investment from the UK government fund to solve the obesity crisis in the UK. This will be used to develop a pipeline of better for you bakery products to dejunk the bakery category.

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  • Anna Wanczyk
  • Anthony Jocelyn


Helen feels like part of the extended team, she shares our passion for the brand she helped us build and genuinely cares, we now regularly seek out her thoughts and advice on new projects. Helen and the teams’ expertise and guidance have been invaluable in developing the Jnck brand.

Sean Brassil, Director, JNCK BAKERY

Impact so far…

Retailer trials

Jnck Bakery have just launched a successful trial on the go puff app nationwide.

Awards success

Innovation Challenge 2022 at Lunch!

Food and Drink Award GOLD at The Food Entrepreneur Show, 2022

Finalist at The World Food Innovation Awards 2023

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