Creating a start up lifestyle and wellbeing brand

Unlocking human potential


Jana and Alina had never created a brand before. They wanted to create a way of living first and products and services to support as a secondary commercial entity to support the growth of their vision. 


We needed to take the founders of Unika Life who had a registered name only on a brand journey of discovery, definition, design and activation. Along the way supporting, explaining and challenging the founders in order to help them create a brand platform with longevity and one that could express and behave to reach their global community on a deeper level than simply ecommerce. To develop a place, experience and brand  that had the ability to unlock human potential and be a game changer, empowering people to realise and ‘own’ their own potential. Ultimately achieving a unique feeling (and sense of elation/satisfaction). Founded by a nutritionist and a wellbeing practitioners, there starting point was to create a functional range of bars that could help support a more holistic goal of wellbeing. The Unika brand was a springboard to a wellbeing hub where you would find a community of like minded people to share the journey of unlocking your own potential with Unika as a guiding light. 


We did a series of sprints and workshops to take them through and uncover the process in bite-sized chunks, creating an authentic brand proposition that came from Alina and Jana, but was shaped, inspired and facilitated by Jane and I. Once the brand and its audience were defined the brand identity could then be brought to life, visually and verbally. It’s all about you…We believe in unlocking human potential. Ünika, unique, human and U comes from the brand, born out of a desire for self improvement and everyone has an unique journey and story to tell.There was a great opportunity to create a physical and digital place that leads into the world of Ünika, a place, a hub,a safe space to simply be, engage with like, minded people. Creating a bold U that can be overlaid, layered, animated. used as a frame to hold imagery. This visual equity is both iconic and bold. Using the recognisable shape for Ünika it forms a strong and flexible system across all touchpoints and has endless applications and executions to future the brand.

Tone: Bold, iconic, confident, precise, welcoming, adaptive,agile and expressive.

To empower and champion people everyday to help them enrich their lives and the lives of others around them. Unika has started to  create an online ecosystem and a holistic approach to wellness that is inspirational, uncompromising and accessible. Their products with over 30 complex superfoods in that balance and react to your own body’s needs are ready to go live, after over 3 years in development. 

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  • Brand Positioning, Brand Proposition, Pack Architecture, Visual and Verbal Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography, Digital and Social Media, Brand Playbook, Social Media assets Point of Sale, Launch Activation Ideas and Kit.


  • Jane Jardine
  • Anna Wanczyk
  • Anthony Jocelyn

“We had an amazing experience collaborating with you! You’re a sweet and kind human being so even on a personal level you really resonated with me. I also value how you pushed us (in a good sense) and motivated us to get things done, this made the process so much quicker. I loved your deep approach to what you do, you not just made a design but you caught the essence of our brand and communicate it through colours, forms, text types and other elements. Everything you’ve done with the design, every little detail was on purpose. Thank you for your work, we’re extremely happy with how everything turned out!”

Jana & Alina, Founders Unika Life.