Introducing the New Ocean Spray Pink: A Farm-to-Carton Journey

Pack and HH Ocean Spray pink

In a world where authenticity and connection to nature are increasingly valued, Ocean Spray Pink emerges with a fresh look, thanks to the innovative design expertise of our creative collective. A new product proposition needed a sub brand and new packaging, which marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, capturing the essence of the farming process and addressing consumers’ evolving taste preferences for all the family.

Ocean Spray Challenge

Ocean Spray has been known for years for its refreshing, tart cranberry taste but their research has shown that consumers love the health benefits of their cranberry juice but have been seeking a sweeter taste. The team at Ocean Spray Pink wanted to create a new product proposition around a naturally sweeter juice created by mother nature a blend of pink red and white cranberries. The varying ripeness signals the colour of cranberries and new product allows nothing to be wasted in the harvest. All cranberries were welcome!

Enter our creative collective to create Ocean Spray Pink. A newly designed juice that highlights its sustainable farming roots but also resonates with consumers on a deeper level. Our team helped create Pink as a sub-brand logo and name along with the pack architecture. 

A design to tell a sustainable story

“We wanted the new design to tell a story – the story of Ocean Spray Pink’s journey from the farm to your fridge at home,” says Helen Hartley, Founder of HH Consulting. By capturing the essence of the farming process and reflecting consumers’ evolving taste preferences, we believe we’ve created a full brand design that not only stands out on the shelf but also resonates with consumers through its sustainable story.

Keep an eye out for our Ocean Spray Pink case study to see the full challenge and results. 

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